Top ten hardest achievements/trophies in gaming

Video games are great fun, and for most people games stay fun. There are some gamers, though, who want to push themselves a little, and rack up the many achievements that games offer. It’s a sense of pride when you get an achievement. But imagine what it would be like if you focused on trying to achieve any of the following goals.

  1. Gears of War: Seriously 3.0

Top Ten Hardest Achievements

This one takes time.

There aren't many achievements out there that are more challenging than this one. It will take you hours and hours to get, and you’ll probably experience an empty feeling afterwards, when no one really cares about what you did.

And what do you have to do? You have to reach level 100 first. That’s bad enough. Then, you have to earn all 65 Onyx medals, which have ridiculous requirements. One of the medals requires you to get 6000 headshots. And that’s one of the easier ones.

  1. GTA IV: Keys to the City

Grand Theft Auto 4 - Keys to the City

Requires at minimum 100 hours.

This one is a real trek. To get the first 60% completion the achievement requires, you’re looking at, on average, around 40 hours of solid gameplay. And for the remaining 40% it starts to get a little silly.

To get the final 40% of the achievement, you’re looking at another 60 hours of gameplay. This is probably the right moment for us to point out that there are only 24 hours in a day.

  1. Dead Space 2: Hard to the core

Dead Space 2 Hard to the Core

50G, I salute anyone who's got this.

This is a very difficult game, but it’s even more challenging if you try and play the Hardcore level. This absolute nightmare has absolutely no checkpoints, so you can only rely on three save points.

This means that when you die in the game (and you die a lot on this level) you are sent back to one of those three save points. It is incredibly difficult and frustrating, but you knew that already because the game isn't exactly a walk in the park anyway.

  1. Mortal Kombat: My Kung Fu is Stronger

Mortal Kombat - My Kung Fu is Stronger

Dedicated time, needed.

Apart from having the coolest name for an achievement ever, this one is possibly the most arduous. You have to play as all the characters for 24 hours apiece. There are 28 characters, and we’re not going to work that out but it’s something like a long time.

You also have to win 100 fights, get 100 fatalities, and cause opponents, collectively, to lose 10,000 litres of blood. It’s all very dependent on you liking the idea of spending weeks (full weeks) playing the game.

  1. Mega-Man 10: Mr Perfect

This is one achievement that we don't recommend you try at home kids. The game is tough, and it requires a lot of dedication to become proficient at it. This achievement takes all of that dedication and it puts it to the test.

To achieve this one, you have to complete the game without suffering one single hit or amount of damage, from anyone or anything. So basically it's asking you to be the perfect player with the perfect play-through. Hence the name.

  1. Max Payne 3: The Shadows Rushed Me

Now, this is a fun game. Max Payne has had a very rough ride over the years, and we think it’s one of the more entertaining franchises around. But if you think this achievement is going to be fun, you better think again. It's a nightmare.

It’s a silver trophy so it’s not even the most prestigious. The game has to be played through in the famous New York MInute mode. That’s a tortuous time restriction, and no dying, because there's no saving your progress.

  1. Rock Band 2: Bladder of Steel

One of the Hardest Achievements

25G for all that effort.

Who knew this relatively happy and fun game would have such a dangerous achievement? We say dangerous because it will take you seven hours of solid play to complete, without a break. That’s why the name is so funny/frustrating.

You have to play ‘Endless Setlist 2’ without making a single mistake. You cannot stop, at all. It’s arguably very dangerous, unless you are being fed and watered intravenously, or you have an assistant. Either way, you’re going to sweat, and it’s going to hurt.

For this top ten hardest achievements, a methord we cooked up is to have a friend who can tap out between songs, just make sure there as good as you.

  1. Crysis 2: Dedication

A creative achievement actually, and one that everyone is able to get. Seriously, all you have to do is play the game online and then play a second session online.

Oh, the catch. The catch is that you have to play online and then play online six months later. You can play in between, but if you’re not there to play six months later you’ve failed, start again. this one is on our top ten hardest achievements because you need to set the time to do this.

  1. Halo The Master Chief Collection: LASO Master

This one is ridiculously hard, nearly as challenging as the number one on our list. You have to complete Halo 1,2,3 and 4 on the infamous Legendary mode. This has to be done with all of the difficulty maximised (something you have to do yourself through the games).

The difficulty is accessed through skulls that you find in the game. One of the Skulls gives all your enemies double health. And that’s the easiest one to handle.

  1. Call of Duty 4: Mile High Club

the king of our top ten hardest achievements

The hardest couple of minutes of your life.

This takes the top spot simply because it’s so stressful. You have to take out a plane packed with enemies. They’re the toughest in the game basically, and getting to the end of the plane is hard enough.

However, to make it even more difficult, you have to get through this level in just one minute. This is a real test of your ability, and not many people in the world have done it.  If you want to try, it would do you good to spend a few hours getting your aim right and have a friend to stop you from breaking something when the stress inevitably gets to you. Needless to say, this deserves to be our number 1 spot for our top ten hardest achievements.

Did you like our Top ten hardest achievements/trophies in gaming good luck in your endevors to try them.

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