The Coolest Characters in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons has been out for a little while now, and we’ve managed to get into the game and the fun world it presents us with. One of the best aspects of the gameplay experience is the characters, and how they work. We thought we would go through some of the characters in New Horizons, and pick out those that we see are a real benefit to the overall gameplay experience.


New Horizons is a very jolly game. Part of the appeal of the game is that happy environment and the characters in it. Pashmina is one of the most pleasant, happy characters in the game. And when you play the game, you know that this means she is incredibly pleasant and happy.

She sings too. When she is in the right mood, this little goat will start singing. It makes an immediate impact, and turns an already positive game into a real mood-lifter. Spend time with her and she’ll give some awesome clothing. 

Pashmina is a key character in that she has already come to embody the true spirit of New Horizons. In that one character you have all you need to understand why New Horizons exists, and the impact it is making.


This is a lion. If you like lions you’re in luck because he is just such an incredibly well-rendered character that he could easily become one of the most loved islanders in your experience.

Mott loves fitness. He loves it so much that he never stops talking about it. He brags about the runs he goes on and how much fitter he is than anyone else (not exactly, but it feels like it). On top of this he can also offer you some key items that can make your time on the game easier. And like the best characters in the game right now, he has an infectious level of enthusiasm that just makes playing New Horizons a ton of fun.


Don’t come to Daisy thinking she can help you become the most successful player in the game, she won’t. She is simply a lovely, fun and strangely calming character that every player has to get to know.

Like the best characters in the games, she is happy. She sings a lot too, and this translates as a character that really helps lift your mood. One endearing thing about the dog is the way you often catch her reading a book. We know it sounds a little odd, but it is genuinely sweet to see a character reading a book, with reading glasses. 

Daisy is simply one of those characters that calms players. She doesn’t do a lot, but she is already becoming a player favourite simply because she relaxes you, and brings a tranquil feeling to your little empire.

Tom Nook

We know he is not exactly a new character, but there is something about Tom Nook in the New Horizons game that has already caused quite a conversation. He’s actually a little different to what he used to be. 

Some players think he is nicer than he used to be. However, that is a bit of a stretch, in that he wasn’t really ‘not nice’. He was a little efficient at times in previous games, but that was because he was a busy guy. 

Generally speaking, he does come off as more supportive in this new game. In earlier games, his role was that of a motivator (and a bit of a taskmaster too). In this game, he is more about ensuring that you feel good at various points in the game.

He’s still about money (which is possibly where previous game perceptions of him being ‘materialistic’ may have sprung from), but he is not pushy when he loans money, and he genuinely seems to want to help you make money and invest it well. In other words, Tom Nook has become cooler, more helpful, and generally softer as a character.

We know, it’s weird, but his personality has changed and he’s mellowed out. And yes, we know it’s just a game, don’t judge us.


Veteran Animal Crossing players will recognise this wolf. She has been so popular over the years that she has inspired fan art, as well as plenty of adoring fan comment across forums and other online outlets.

She is simply cool. First up, everyone was pleased to see her character return over the years and the games, and right now she is very much one of the coolest characters in the game. The vast majority of the characters in the game follow certain personality types, and this usually manifests very clearly in how they behave towards you and how they grow in the game. Whitney is a ‘snooty’ character, but is one of the few snooty characters that are not just bearable, but adorable.

On top of that, she was in the Animal Crossing movie. A seriously cool character, she is always on hand to deliver a snobby comment. But the fact that she dresses so well, and has such impeccable taste all round, makes her one of the most likeable and cool characters in game. 


This squirrel is legitimately seen as the best Animal Crossing character of all time. He has a huge fanbase, and like Whitney is the subject of plenty of fan art and Wiki content. He is probably the snobbiest character in the game, so non-fans are often perplexed as to why he is so popular. 

He is cool though, and that counts. He has a permanently sulky look and listens to cool music. He is also a bit of a flirt, and has a high opinion of himself. His colour reminds you of that of a marshmallow, which kind of hints at the origin of his name. 

All the above are cool and fan favourites. But as you probably know by now, play New Horizons for even a little while, and you’re sure to meet some new favourites.

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