Some Of The Best Improvements and Changes in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has hit the game playing world with a huge splash. It is pretty much universally loved, and this is testament to some great gameplay and a style that has been admired from the very first game. It’s cute and it’s fun, and it has hours of gameplay in it.

The new game also has some fundamental changes that make it different to previous iterations. Some changes are bigger than others, but it is fair to say that all of them add something new and fun to the Animal Crossing experience.

Let’s take a look at some of the favourite changes to the overall game.

Mystery Island Tours

This brings an extra level of excitement to a game that is already very exciting. This feature is brand new, and it adds so much to the overall player experience.

First up, you have to pay for the package called Deserted island Getaway Package. Once this is done you will be given Nook Miles as payment. Buy a Nook Miles ticket with these (you will also be given one free of charge).

Go to Dodo Airlines and present your ticket and then you will be taken on a mystery flight to a mystery island. Each mystery island that you visit has a ton of resources on it. This is one reason why players are finding them so much fun.You can visit an island and find lots of resources that you can then take back to your own island. 

Even better, you can also find some resources that are not native to your island. This is more of a rare event, but it provides an even bigger incentive to take the tours. In addition to this, you may find a random villager, who you can invite back to your island.

It’s a huge part of the game to explore. And the rewards can be great. For example, on some mystery islands, each rock is a money rock. And you might even find a swarm of a certain type of bug.

Serious graphical improvements

Of course, you are going to get some improvements on a game but there are some great aspects here in New Horizons that make a big leap forward on earlier versions of the game.

The wind, for example, blows so gently and beautifully through the grass, it is quite breathtaking to see. Then, you see it shaking the leaves on the trees and it is really something else. A small graphical improvement that actually makes a huge impact on our experience of the game.

Then we can look at the cute little touches that make the game extra attractive. For example, when you find the star fragment on the beach, the animation attached to this little moment is far cuter than anything you will ever have seen on Animal Crossing.

Furniture options

Amazingly, and this is a big deal, you can place your furniture outside of your buildings. This is pretty cool stuff, and it means that you can even, if you so wish, place a lamp stand on the beach. This is great, and it does mean that you can put together some pretty cool set ups outside of the house.

Villagers get real

You may or may not have developed a secret hatred for a particular villager in previous games, but now some of that hatred can cool down just a little.

First up, villagers in the game start off the same as you on a financial footing. They are in debt to Tom Nook when the game starts too. This means that you can feel like you are an equal to them, rather than someone who is struggling to get established while other villagers get on with living their best life.

Even more gratifyingly, they start off in tents just like you do. Again, this makes for an experience that seems to show the developers trying to equalise the in-game world just a little bit. And when villagers are in a position where they are choosing a spot for their home, they will actually ask you first.

To be honest, this serves no real purpose in the game when it comes to advancing your progression. It is just a cool feature that genuinely makes some players feel better when they take a look at certain villagers who have been in the game before. Those old slightly antagonistic feelings will be cooled somewhat.

An expanded multiplayer

In previous games, multiplayer was always capped at just four players. This was not a dealbreaker, but it did limit enjoyment somewhat. While we were not expecting COD-style 63 player games, having just four players to mess around with was just a little restrictive.

In New Horizons, that limit is ramped up to eight. And with players creating special parties (and even, apparently, weddings) in the game, that upgrade could not have come at a better time.

Nook Miles

This is a new feature, and while players may have had a flash of anger when they first heard the name of the new currency (Tom Nook is a divisive character, to say the least), the Nook Miles are very valuable.

While bells are still big, Miles allows you to buy cool stuff. You can buy services with them, and uniforms as well as recipes. They are valuable, which makes them a great addition to the playing experience.


Yes, it is now a feature. Whether you are a casual player, or you're sitting there at night spending hours making your island a paradise, havig autosaves makes a huge difference to your experience. It’s just one of those things that makes New Horizons easier to play.

If you’re getting New Horizons, or you’re playing it right now, dive into these new features. They make the game more fun, and actually easier to play.

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