Rerolling: How to Choose The Best Island Layout on Animal Crossing New Horizons

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it can sometimes feel a little challenging to get the things done that are necessary. Everyone’s playstyle is different, but sometimes players just feel that the one thing that is not working out for them is the island itself. The setting for their game is just not functioning as they want it to. They could reroll their island as an option, and for some people that makes sense. 

It doesn’t always of course, so we will address that first.

Should I reroll my island?

This is a really important question, and it's important to know the options you have. You may have what feels like an awkward island to play on, but is it really worth starting all over again?

The first thing you should think about is the fact that you can change some things about your island as the game progresses. This was not the case in any other Animal Crossing game so it does make a nice change and it offers some real freedom.

You should realise what exactly you can change without a reroll:

  • Any facilities that you have created can be moved
  • The slopes on the cliffs on your island can be changed
  • The path of a river can be changed

If this is enough for you and the experience you want to have, then it may well be worth sticking with the island that you have and building on that.

If you do want to re-roll, then there are plenty of considerations to be grappling with before you even start the process.


There are plenty of things to think about here. Some players restart their islands because they want to have a certain type of fruit as the dominating fruit on the island. This is fair enough, and is more about having the right look and resources.

Other players want to restart their island so that they can attract certain types of visitors. Again, this is a decent enough motivation, as game experiences can be enriched by having certain visitors come to your island. Everyone has different tastes, so it is always worth being open to such an idea.

Some key elements 

Resident Services is an important part of every player’s game, so it makes sense to have an island with this facility right at the very centre of it. It is used for so many functions in the game, that making sure it is never too far away could be a real consideration when you're trying to get the very best island for your game.

It’s where you go to sell items, for example. And anyone who has played the game longer than a few minutes knows exactly how convenient it would be to have Resident Services in the centre of your play space.

Equally as important for game speed, this is the facility you will use when you have to manage your loans. It is a big part of the game in that respect, so this is another reason why having Resident Services in the middle makes sense.

The airport is another key factor in the game, and the problem is that later in the game it will be highly unlikely that you will be allowed to change its location. So if you are restarting and trying to get the best island, make sure you pick the very best location for your airport.

Cliff slopes are a big deal. Sure, later in the game you can use ladders and get about the upper and lower parts of your island in that way, but from the start of an island, convenient cliff slopes are actually a big part of a fun game.

They have a real part to play in your travel from upper to lower levels of your island, and vice versa, so if you are in a position to get them where you want them to be, it is well worth taking the time to get them located in the best possible places.

The fruit issue

Selling fruit is and always will be a big part of Animal Crossing games. In New Horizons, this is no different, and it therefore has a big part to play in the layout of your island. It has not yet been officially confirmed, but it will most likely be the case that selling non-native fruit makes you more money, so that is also a key consideration.

Picking your starting fruit makes sense, so this should be a part of your thinking when designing that island, whether it is a re-rolled island or one you are sticking with from the start. Also, if you are planning on playing with a friend and you are starting together, consider choosing different valuable fruit so you can arrange to make more money by selling each other’s wares. It makes sense, and has a sizable impact on income.

The lake

Okay, not everyone is as money hungry as some of us are, but if you think carefully about choosing an island with a lake that is near your starting point from the first day, you have a slight advantage.

You cannot cross a river until your second day of play, so if a fishing lake is on the other side of the river when you start, you’re stuck. Okay, stuck for a day isn’t that bad, but if you want to get fishing immediately, pick an island with a lake near you. It’s a personal choice thing, but it can affect your experience.

To reroll or not to reroll?

It’s not always an easy decision to make, but you can get some real preferred changes in there. The key considerations of lake position, Resident Services and fruit can make a huge difference, so if you want a more efficient, lucrative island, that would be where to start.

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