PS4 versus XBox One versus Switch

Gaming technology has now jumped right out of the box it was in just five years ago. With the release of the XBox One and the PS4, everything changed. Amazing graphics, superb sound and bigger and better games make the two consoles the main choice for any avid gamer. But then the Nintendo Switch came along and added even more nuance to your gaming fun. Which is the best? Let’s find out.

The PS4 and XBox One thing

Sony’s hugely popular machine has a ton of features that make it an obvious choice for many gamers. Currently, it’s pretty fair to say that it also has better graphics. This isn't because the tech spec is better for this machine than it is for the XBox One, but it just means that the PS4 has probably had more work done on it in certain ways graphically. To put that into context, the PS4 is getting a little old now, just like the XBox One is, but it still seems probable that the PS4 and it’s graphics capability have simply been utilised better. That, however, may change.

Later versions of the XBox One were as powerful as you would want them to be, but back when the PS4 and XBox One were the two sole versions, the PS4 definitely had the extra squeak of power.

However, you cannot update the XBox One hard drive (internal). You can do this to the PS4. Of course, we’re talking about the original versions of both consoles here. That lack of upgrade potential was a sticking point for many gamers when the XBox One came out. And when you think about it, it's a pretty big deal. It’s worth considering if you’re going for the vanilla XBox One, because some of the games on the XBox One are huge. If it’s any consolation, downloaded games can be deleted and reinstalled whenever you want them to be.

The internal RAM issue was noticed by nearly everyone when both machines came out. Both consoles had 8GB of internal RAM. This was great, at first. Then people realised that the way the RAM was used was very different. The XBox One offered 5GB to developers, as in for making games with, while the other 3GB was for the running of the machine. The PS4 had just 4.5GB for developers, while keeping the rest. That’s right, the XBox One could have potentially bigger gaming developer potential. While this changed later with updates to systems, it was a kick in the teeth for XBox One fans.

On price, a lot has happened since the PS4 and XBox One were first released. The XBox One was a lot pricier at first, but then things changed as update arrived and the machines aged. So it’s not really a fair comparison anymore.

Both the machines have good points. The advantages came at launch, but new versions have made the differences much less noticeable. But comparing them both to the Switch is a different matter entirely.

The Switch?

Now, let’s get one thing straight. The Nintendo Switch cannot possibly hope to manage the power the two high-end consoles have. It’s just not possible. So any comparison has to rest on the other features the Switch has, some that are perhaps more obvious.

You’re getting a strong and high-quality console with the Switch, no doubt about that. However, on top of all of that the price is pretty much the same between the three consoles, no matter where you buy them. So there's the dilemma.

The Switch takes cartridges and not discs (it simply isn’t big enough for discs) and that gives it an immediate disadvantage. It hints at the static nature of the games. But the console can be picked up and played anywhere, and the graphics make it a serious option thanks to this portability. They’re good.

However, with both the big machines, there is an abundance of games, arguably because they have been around longer than The Switch has. This is no big deal, and we can see Nintendo’s machine really taking off even more, and being in more homes. The power in the Nintendo machine is nothing compared with the big consoles, but the quality of the games is indisputable.


There’s some time to go before the Switch is updated or added to by a new version. Until then, the PS4 and The XBox One have the edge due to power, game choice and quality. But watch out, the Switch has real portability and quality graphics. It won't be long before developers push it to the limits.

It's currently useless to compare the three (at least where the Nintendo machine is concerned) but machines do have new versions, and updates are important. Looking at it another way, the Switch is pretty much one of a kind, and that means it has a lot going for it over the next few years.

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