How To Throw A Party In Animal Crossing New Horizons

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons there is a ton of stuff to do, pretty much all the time. In fact, it is one of the most feature-packed and content-heavy titles out there right now. You’re not going to get bored, basically.

However, a key element of the game is the fluid and responsive multiplayer. It’s not hard to invite a number of your own, real friends to your island so you can have some fun with them. And, perhaps predictably, this has meant people have actually held parties and events on their islands, events attended by real friends and family. 

It sounds a little weird at first, but it is most definitely a trend that seems to be growing. We thought we would take you through the steps required to hold a party in your own personal spot in New Horizons.

Send an invite

If you go to the Dodo Airlines building you should be able to set up the invites for your own personal party. In the building there are some special invites. Use these, bearing in mind that you cannot invite anyone who has an island you have not visited, or they haven’t visited yours. It’s like LinkedIn InMail, but for Animal Crossing, if that makes sense.

Be ready

There is one issue that could set you back a little if you want to throw a party. It does take time for people to actually enter your island and be part of the event. Bear this in mind, because there is a special cutscene that plays every time a guest arrives. This can obviously be a real nightmare if everyone arrives at once (cuts down on your New Horizons play time) so it is well worth staggering their arrivals a little. This way, you don’t get bogged down by cut scenes.

Get the invite list right

It’s surprisingly more complicated  than you might think to set up the invites for the party or event you are holding. Obviously, to play online, you will need to have a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. A small detail, but one that has implications for any party you may want to throw.

Orville at Dodo Airlines will issue you with a special code that you can use to invite people. Or you can use your Nintendo Switch Friend’s list, or the NookPhone’s friend’s list. Quite a lot to think about there. 

A real party has gifts

As we all know, parties can be about offering gifts too. The New Horizons game is no different in this regard, and if you focus on making sure that you present the gifts in the best way possible, it can be amazing fun.

Giving is often better than receiving, and it does genuinely feel good to give gifts in the game. Because of the sheer number of amazing clothing items in the game, for example, you’d feel silly if you didn’t gift your friends with some new outfit items they don't have. Making this a big part of your event makes it more memorable.

And the best events in New Horizons feature gifts that have awesome wrapping paper. Take a trip to Nook’s Cranny and find some paper that will make the gifts you give extra special. There are plenty of great examples, and they add a little pizazz to the event.

Gamify things

Like most parties that we go to in real life, if we have games we have more fun. You can do this in New Horizons too, and totally recommend it.

One of the most common games that people in parties get involved in is a fishing game. This is where someone sets a timer and then everyone runs around the island trying to find as many fish as possible. The one who catches the most wins the game. To make it even more fun, you can offer a real prize. Some party organisers get their best gear and offer it as a prize for winning the fishing game. 

You can also set up a game where people try to catch insects. The same rules apply, and running these kinds of games (with prizes) as part of your party makes the event one that is unmissable (everyone likes being popular, right?).

Then, you can go to the next level…

A scavenger hunt is one way to really make a party go with a bang. In New Horizons you get an opportunity to create and run a hunt. And this makes for a lot of fun.

With this game you will have to make sure that each of your scavengers is a best friend using the NookPhone’s best friend list. This will allow your visitors to dig on your island, something that is obviously very important for a scavenger hunt.

Then simply get some gifts and dig holes around your island to hide them. You could even give little clues, or make it super easy by burying the gifts in close proximity to each other. Whatever you do, a scavenger hunt is sure to make your party a fun one that friends will talk about for a long time to come.

The very best thing about Animal Crossing: New Horizons for many players is the social aspect. This is really becoming a focal point. Throwing a party or event is easy as long as you have the friends available, and it is well worth doing to spruce up the gameplay a little.

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