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Videogame gimmicks and how they can damage or ruin a long-lasting series

What is a Videogame gimmick? It’s a feature or addition that has been added to a beloved franchises in the sequel. This can be in the game, drive forms in Kingdom Hearts 2, or hardware that controls the game, steering wheel and peddles accessories. We’re quite used to movie franchises slowly running out of steam.…
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Nintendo’s strange choices in technical innovation

Nintendo is certainly not a brand that one associates with failure. However, they've made some strange choices in their time. The company has constantly pulled off some of the most audacious and successful moves in gaming, especially in the area of hardware. The Wii remains one of the best family-friendly machines ever. And the Super…
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Technology in Gaming, it’s advancements, and how it has affected us

Technology in Gaming has come a long way since the very first home systems were developed. Back then, controllers needed to be connected by wire, and responsiveness was all about how simple the games were. The less complex a title was (think Pong on the Atari), the more ‘responsive’ the controls were. However, these days,…
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