Battlefield 5 Beta Day One Review

What is the Battlefield 5 Beta?

The Battlefield 5 Beta is a sample of the upcoming release of Battlefield 5, a FPS (First Person Shooter) game set in world war 2.

Active Beta and Release Date

Whilst the Beta will be publically available from the 4th of September 2018 to the 11th of September 2018, the Full Game is set to release on the 9 November 2018.

Battlefield 5 Beta - The Review

So for the purposes of this review as it’s multiplayer and Battlefield I’m going to refer to the people in my group that I play with as ‘R’ and ‘S’. This was carried out on both the Xbox One and the One X.

First Impressions

So since I downloaded this on to my Xbox ONE X, I’m going to say now that the Beta is 10.95 GB, compared to one. It didn’t take as along to download nor get going, however this is sadly where the good parts stop.

Grouping up

Myself, ‘R’ and ‘S’ found it easy to group up but that is par for the course with Battlefield, because of the group’s current opinion of Dice and EA this beta needed to be something as good as if not better than Battlefield One for a day one purchase.

As a group we wanted to test the new game mode, coming into Grand Operations we waited patiently for about five to ten minutes with the game saying it would be but two minutes to join. However, at the nine minutes mark I started using the server browsers to see if I could manually find a game, after a quick look I noticed our first problem, there aren’t enough regional servers to support a ping above 3 bars in Grand Ops or the servers with a good ping have only a few players in.

For every Grand Ops server there were easily five Conquest servers and sadly we had to resign to playing Conquest, a game mode we were familiar with. Because of a manual search ‘S’ handed squad leadership to me, which he found easy to do, however once we got into a game with a 3 bar ping that was nearly full, problems became apparent very quickly.


Battle Field 5 Beta Image

Gameplay of Battlefield 5 Beta

Getting in the load time was suspiciously quick, and once on the ground we could see why, for reference myself and ‘S’ have an X while ‘R’ has a base XONE. The controls felt floaty, the weapons didn’t have the kick, punch, response and feedback compared to Battlefield 1, yes there was recoil but it felt as if it was there for gameplay reasons rather than aesthetic or realism. Before long we were comparing the gameplay feel to Battlefront.

Furthermore the ground, buildings, weapons, soldier and vehicle textures felt low resolution, especially compared to the beta of One. There were even moments where I could ‘cancel out’ an animation while achieving what I wanted, one such time was where I revived a teammate and pressed X to jump out of the animation while an invisible person got him up.

Even turning off all the graphical ‘extras’ that were on by default we didn’t see a sign of improvement and soon found that the general gameplay of the Beta was not fun. We found it hard to find a reason to keep playing for long and had to force ourselves to play enough for both maps.

We played for two games, one for each map and sadly both felt as if this was the Alpha with the word Beta slapped on the title with minor changes.

Final thoughts on Battlefield 5 Beta - Conclusion

As I’m writing this review I’ve only played the first day, however unless myself and my friends see major improvements we can’t see a justifiable reason to pick up the game on launch, or even for Christmas, unless we see major improvements to all aspects of the game. This is a sad prospect really as I enjoyed One as much as my friends did, but this Beta at the moment just feels like another nail in Dice’s coffin and the group I’m in has come to the resounding notion we need to see improvement to buy the game on launch and any signs of a review embargo sign this games death certificate in our eyes.

Side note

Something we noticed in the customisation system was that the character appearance customisation options were disabled, felt like the devs were hiding something.

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