All You Need To Know About Fishing In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is already a very famous and popular game. And the best thing about it is the absolute wealth of activities and game hours involved in playing. It is potentially endless in possibilities, and players are loving the variety of tasks and quests to take on. One of those activities that is already proving to be incredibly relaxing and stress-free is fishing. But just grabbing  a rod and jumping straight into fishing won’t get you anywhere. You want to get the most out of the experience so use the following tips and ideas to make your fishing career successful.


It’s important to make money, just like in real life. One way to make money at a good rate is to plant fruit trees. Grab a shovel as soon as possible and you can start planting apple and pear trees. Then you should find it easy to  set up a good stream of money.

Then, you can make the whole thing a lot easier (and cooler) by planting actual money trees. Now and then, as you walk around the island, you will see golden beams of light coming out of the ground now and then. Don't ignore these. Dig them up and you will get some bells. 

Once you get together a bag of 10,000 bells you can plant a tree and that tree will grow to give you 10,000 bells. Then, your income-building scheme can grow, literally. 

Watch out for one particular visitor

There are many visitors that come to see you on the island. When you first meet C.J. you will be forgiven for thinking he is nothing special. However, he will offer you bells (and a lot of them) if you start to catch fish for him. He also offers you some snazzy fish decorations that really help to jazz up your home. The key thing here is to focus on the sheer wealth of bells that fishing for him can bring you. It’s a great way to bring in the extra cash.

Get organised

As an aspiring fish expert, you will need to get your life a little more organised. This can be facilitated by planting your trees in little orchards that you can easily harvest because they are organised. Give those orchards proper signs that help you organise the trees and you save a huge chunk of time that you can use for harvesting instead. 

You will free up more time to get on with the fishing that you need to do. It makes sense if you’re making fishing your main activity.

Fish bait

There isn’t a lot of help in the early stages of the game, but one thing that you should most definitely latch onto straight away is the fish bait issue.

When you are on the beach, you might see, now and then, little jets of water springing up. This is all cool stuff, but if you dig you will find Manila Clams hidden in the sand. These are clams that you can make up into fish bait. So a little walk on the beach now and then makes perfect sense if you want to be the best at fishing.

What many players don't know is that using this fish bait means you have more of a chance of catching the rare fish in the game. For example, at the end of the pier, using the fish bait makes for potentially better catches.

Use fishing to make quicker progress

As you start the game, make sure you try and catch every single bug you find. Catch all the butterflies you find, as well as the stink bugs and all the other little critters you see. There is a reason for this, and it has a lot to do with Blathers.

Blathers lives off the island, and he wants to open up the museum. Once he does this, and as your catching progresses, he will create the museum and get you started off on a large curation project. This curation project helps you to find other places in the game, which can only help as your fishing career progresses. Like most things in the game, bugs and fish are very much connected. So catch as much as you can.

Get the approach right

Again, the game doesn’t give you a lot of help on this one, but there is an easier way to catch crawlies (and make Blathers happy)  and it involves a little sneaky behaviour.

As you approach the creepy crawlies, press the A button and you will actually start to creep towards them rather than storm at them with your net.

This will give you a bigger chance to catch the critters, and this makes a big difference when you are chasing the tougher critters that prove to be a real challenge.

Mixing it up

It is clear that fishing in the ocean can get you some of the bigger and rare fish, which of course will help to bring in the biggest money. However, if you are out fishing in the ocean, make sure to mix it up a little. Staying in one spot in the ocean all day, every day, will only bring you the same fish again and again. 

If you see a fin above the water, you need to catch it because it is a shark. Catching a shark is not impossible but it is challenging. So make sure the reaction times you have built up are sharp.

With a Nook Miles ticket you can travel to faraway places, and here the chance of catching rare fish is essentially doubled. And that brings us back to the chase for money. If you’re flush, and able to get the Nook Miles racked up, you’ll be living large with the fish.

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