A faulty Console? use console repair services

So we’ve all been there ether with the kids console or your own, the machine has had a good long run of life and has sadly given up the ghost. You hit the power button and via one way or another nothing happens. And worst of all it’s outside of warranty. So what do you do now? Before you run to the store to by a new one there are Console repair services read this article to find out.


First and foremost, what ever the reason you powered it on, you or your kid wants to game. Now, can the gamer wait? Most likely not, no one likes to leave a story unfinished. However in modern times most people who game also know of people who game. In some cases there’s even more than one of a console in a household. If you can find a suitable and cost-free method of temporarily borrowing a console, be it a family members or friends. Do so, explaining the situation. As what I’m about to suggest will take a week.

If you can’t, don’t rush to the store to buy a brand-new replacement. See if you can get a second hand one on the cheap. And if it was your PS4 Pro or Xbox one X, just buy the standard edition of the console. Trust us.

Repair or even, trade in?

console repair servicecex

There is hope at the end of this tunnel, Console repair services. Two places offer a repair service that are easy to get in to contact with. These services cost a fraction of the price of a new console. The first is CEX, an electronic store that buys and sells used electronics even old hardware. They offer a repair service on the side for modern consoles, however your wait time is dependant on them, they do not repair in house, and send it away to their own repair shop on a specific day.

Each store is different so check before you bring it to them. If the store pick up and drop off is Friday and you hand in on Saturday, you will have to wait 2 weeks to pick it up. However it’s not a guaranteed repair, sometimes, the fault is of a permanent nature as some console parts can’t be fixed or replaced.

console repair serviceConsole Doctor

If you try CEX and it fails or wish for a faster repair time, more options and don’t mind using an online service. Console Doctor is the way to go. They offer the same paid service as CEX however all their postage is free, they use Collect Plus and Yodel to guarantee your console is in safe hands. Finally, they will receive and begin repairs within once they receive the console.

To our surprise, Console doctor also offer a trade in service for faulty consoles, even if it’s one they can’t repair the device. You can see their site for details but these devices are brand new, manufacturers warranty, and traded for a fraction of the price of one you would pick up new in store. Lastly, you do not need to know what the fault is to send it to them as they offer a free consultation to diagnose your faulty device for you.

Is it current Gen?

Sadly the services we mentioned only repair the current generation for Sony and Microsoft, however, as of March 2020, console doctor offer repairs of Nintendo consoles up to the Wii

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