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  • Top ten hardest achievements/trophies in gaming

    Video games are great fun, and for most people games stay fun. There are some gamers, though, who want to push themselves a little, and rack up the many achievements that games offer. It’s a sense of pride when you get an achievement. But imagine what it would be like...

  • How Gaming Communities Become Toxic

    Gaming communities are essentially little snapshots of life. You get your different personality types and behaviours. Often, the quirkiest personalities are those who have become very successful at gaming, and are well known for their skills. However, sometimes these communities can be incredibly toxic. This can lead to harm and...

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About Gamer Spot and Our Plans

Gamer Spot has been set up by a group of complete gaming enthusiasts.  We've been gaming like forever and we wanted to share some of our thoughts and opinions as well as sharing some of our triumph highs and defeat lows.  As well as some of our obvious frustrations with challenges, games which just were complete let downs and those which completely touched the sweet spot.  Join our community and have your say.

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